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None, this means there is nothing over here. Only for they, who looking for.

After the completion of the program, links will be available.

The program is designed for miners to be able to remote control. Helps to create, store their work lists, and so are the commands. And as the program will support the statistics of coins and information on coins. The ability to create flexible mining and more will be available from version 2. The project was closed for financial reasons. Perhaps in the future it will continue. But work on the libraries will be continued later.

A serializer for complex objects based on the maximum compression of the file. Used for data transfer, as well as for files. Uses the reflection of identical data. Will help save more space up to 70%. So if you need to save a place in the file you came to the right address. The main functionality is based on regular expressions. But this is not the end, it is planned to write an even more flexible series serialization and add many convenient mechanisms. GitHub

Appline allow to communicate between processes with Anonymous Pipes, to send messages or complex objects. Anonymous pipes provide interprocess communication on a local computer. To learn more, you can click on the link below. GitHub

This extension will allow you to put your tabs outside in a new window. And also to create a separate group. In fact, this extension of  TabControl which allows it to work in different windows. GitHub